October 14th at 7pm

National Cultural Center 

The Alliance Française de Sainte-Lucie is delighted to announce an exciting collaboration with the acclaimed theatrical company OTEP (Oeuvres Théâtrales et Poétiques).

As part of this partnership, we invite the Saint Lucian public to attend a captivating performance of OTEP’s play « Comme l’oiseau » on October 14th at 7:00 PM at the Cultural Center of Saint Lucia. We are thrilled to share that admission is free, and this event is open to everyone (14 years old and more). The play will be surtitled in English.

About OTEP Theatre Company:

OTEP, known for its focus on poetry, production, and creativity, has established its creative lab at the Cultural Center of Kourou. The company is committed to sharing and transmitting artistic experiences through workshops, residencies, and masterclasses for playwrights and directors. Their work embodies a strong emphasis on poetic expression and storytelling.

About « Comme l’oiseau »:

« Comme l’oiseau » is a powerful play written and directed by Bérékia Yergeau. This thought-provoking performance addresses the grave issue of drug mules in French Guiana, shedding light on the individuals who smuggle drugs from Cayenne to Paris. Yergeau’s work is the result of in-depth research, including testimonies from young people, traffickers, ex-prisoners, recidivists, and affected parents.

The play, entirely written in free verse, is brought to life by a multi-generational cast of artists. They skillfully narrate the harrowing tale of a family’s tragic downfall at the hands of a Guianese mafia network. « Comme l’oiseau » is a profoundly moving theatrical piece that highlights the contemporary tragedy plaguing this overseas territory.


October 6th

Alliance Française de Sainte-Lucie

To celebrate International Law Day, the French Embassy in the Eastern Caribbean, Barbados and the OECS in residence in Saint Lucia, in collaboration with the Alliance française de Sainte-Lucie, invites you to a free day of screening, lecture and debate on the theme of rights.

The first part of the event will be a screening in English and Swahili, with French subtitles, of the film by Kenyan director Wanuri Kahiu.

The synopsis: « In Nairobi, Kena and Ziki lead two very different lives as high school students, but each in their own way seeks to pursue their dreams. Their paths cross in the midst of an election campaign in which their respective fathers clash. Reunited in a conservative Kenyan society, the two young women are forced to choose between love and security… »

In the second half, we are pleased to offer you a cocktail with French wine and cheese.

Afterwards, His Excellency Francis Etienne, French Ambassador to the Eastern Caribbean, Barbados and the OECS in residence in Saint Lucia, will give an opening speech, followed by a lecture and debate.


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